AESOP = Frontline: Beginning 3-8-19, when you attempt to login to enter an absence in AESOP, you'll be directed to create a new account.

    Create a Frontline ID: 
    When you log in you'll be prompted to create your new Frontline ID. 
    Enter your:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Username (see requirements below)
    • Password (see requirements below)
    • Email address
    • Click to accept the terms and conditions
    • Click Create Frontline ID
    The system will sign you in with your new username and password and require these credentials for any future logins.

    New Username Requirement: Your new username must contain 1 alphabet character and at least 4 total characters. (You can potentially use your email address or first initial and last name.)
    New Password Requirement: The password must have 1 alphabet character, 1 number or special character, and 8 total characters. Include an email address to provide a means for password recovery and click the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.

    Read and Write Resources: 

    Student Account Login Info

    • What is Read&Write? Read&Write is available for all students and teachers in CSISD! This is the resource to use for Text-to-Speech or Computer Assisted Reading. 
    •  How do students log in to Read&Write? Students can now log into Chrome and the extension will be added automatically. The software is installed on student computers. Sign in using the same Google credentials that are used to log into the computer. 
    • Where can I find more information on Read&Write? There is information in Schoology in Courses-CSISD Professional Learning All Staff in the Read&Write Basic Overview Course. The course includes information and videos about the features and use of the different formats of Read&Write (Chrome Extension, Windows and apps) available. If needed the access code is NMQWD-N8T2T 
    • Read&Write Webinar presented by TextHelp will be held on Oct 30, 2018 from 4:00-5:00 pm for any person wanting more information. After registering for this in Eduphoria you will be sent access information to view from your classroom or from the CTR at Central Office.
    • Who do I contact with questions about Read&Write? If you have any questions, please email 

    To reset your password at any time just hold down Control + Alt + Delete 
    while logged in on a district computer and it will bring up a list of options- 
    one of which is Change Password.