There are some absolutely phenomenal people in CSISD and we want to celebrate those fabulous folks! ​ ​
    In order to do so we have c​reated YOU MATTER to Me @CSISD which is our very own CSISD Hall of Fame. ​
    To highlight the great things our staff members do, ​anyone can ​nominate ​a CSISD staff member
     for YOU MATTER to Me HERE
    All nominees will be notified and some will be highlighted on the page each week.​ ​
    Click HERE to see all of those who were nominated and read the nominations!
    Be sure to check out (& like!) the new YOU MATTER CSISD Facebook page HERE

    Still need some comp time for April 17th? Check out the workshops being offered HERE
    For more information about comp time hours please see the comp time guidelines HERE
    The one below is a fabulous way to learn about & participate in our #CSISDchat with someone sitting beside you to help!
    Feel free to email Stephanie Ryon ( if you have any questions!