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    There are some absolutely phenomenal people in CSISD and we want to celebrate those fabulous folks! ​ ​ In order to do 
    so we have c​reated YOU MATTER to Me @CSISD which is our very own CSISD Hall of Fame. ​
    To highlight the great things our staff members do, ​anyone can ​nominate ​a CSISD staff member for YOU MATTER to Me HERE
    All nominees will be notified and some will be highlighted on the go.csisd.org page each week.​ ​
    Click HERE to see all of those who were nominated and read the nominations!

    All 5th-12th grade students (and staff) in CSISD now have access to Office 365!
    What is Office 365? 
    Office 365 refers to subscription plans that include access to Office applications plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Check out this short video HERE for more information. 

    How do students access Office 365?
    Students can sign in to Office 365 HERE using their student ID with (@csisd.onmicrosoft.com) and the password they use when logging into a school computer. Students may use this to login to Office 365 on home computers and laptops, on mobile devices and on school computers. 
    password: password you use to login to a school computer

    Does this mean students have email accounts? 
    NO. Student 365 access does not provide students with an email account. Student usernames are NOT working email accounts. 

    Do staff members also have this access? 
    Yes, they simply login using their CSISD email address and password. 

    Why don't K-4th grade students have this access? 
    For on-campus usage, elementary students can sign in to Office 365 applications using their campus generic login: gpstudent, skstudent, etc. The individual login requirement is only for downloading the Office 365 applications for home use. 

    Need some help with Office 365? 
    Check out these great Office Quick Start Guides HERE.


    Printable copy of the image below can be found HERE.

    To reset your password at any time just hold down Control + Alt + Delete 
    while logged in on a district computer and it will bring up a list of options- 
    one of which is Change Password.