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  • School Times for 2016-2017:     Elementary Campuses: 7:45 am to 3:05 pm.   Intermediate, Middle & High School Campuses: 8:25 am to 3:50 pm.

  • YM Shirts: Want a navy YM shirt? Order yours HERE by Sept. 12th and it will be printed shortly after and delivered to your campus.
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  • YM Handouts & Presentations: Handouts & presentations can be found in a folder HERE. If you missed a session you wanted to attend you can most likely find the details in the folder or linked in the app. 
  • APP-Mazing Race Winners: Inspired Applympians: Andrea Prcin , Martha Snider, Kerri Cawley, Charlene Bandfield . You can see their super fun video HERE!

    There are some absolutely phenomenal people in CSISD and we want to celebrate those fabulous folks! ​ ​
    In order to do so we have c​reated YOU MATTER to Me @CSISD which is our very own CSISD Hall of Fame. ​
    To highlight the great things our staff members do, ​anyone can ​nominate ​a CSISD staff member for YOU MATTER to Me HERE.
    All nominees will be notified and some will be highlighted on the page each week.​ ​
    Click HERE to see all of those who were nominated in 2015-2016 and read the nominations!
    Nominate someone HERE

    Welcome!  We are thrilled to have you join us here in College Station ISD!
    Here are a few things that might be helpful for you: