As of 3:15pm on 3/20/17, SAFARI MONTAGE is back up again!

    • This applies to all named staff accounts only (Example has to change 
      password, but does not)
    • If you change your password BEFORE Spring Break, you will be prompted to change it AFTER Spring Break- so just 
    • If you are currently on leave, you'll need to make plans to come to a campus and use a district computer to reset your password
      ​ ​
      AFTERMarch 20th

    There are some absolutely phenomenal people in CSISD and we want to celebrate those fabulous folks! ​ ​
    In order to do so we have c​reated YOU MATTER to Me @CSISD which is our very own CSISD Hall of Fame. ​
    To highlight the great things our staff members do, ​anyone can ​nominate ​a CSISD staff member
     for YOU MATTER to Me HERE
    All nominees will be notified and some will be highlighted on the page each week.​ ​
    Click HERE to see all of those who were nominated and read the nominations!