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Printing Help

There is a lot not to love about our current print management system, and we've taken your feedback and are implementing a new print management system that will make life easier for everyone. 
All About that Badge
Everyone will be getting a super cool high tech printing badge - a printer fast-pass - that will let you skip having to log in or enter a pin to retrieve your print jobs. In order to activate your printer fast-pass, you’ll need to register it with a printer. This takes less than three minutes to do, and the easy four step directions can be found below.


What else will this do for you?  ​{these are awesome, really!}​
  • Never print a single page to make copies for a class set again! You can send your entire copy job to the copy machines as a print job. When you have time, you can take your fast pass down to the copier, swipe and retrieve your class set. 

  • Do you hate having to scroll through all the jobs of everyone on campus when trying to find your single print job in job storage? Those days are over! Now when you swipe your printer fast pass badge, you’ll only see your jobs!

  • Or, how about finding someone else has taken your print job out of the queue and your print outs ended up in the recycling bin? Your jobs won’t ever print out until you retrieve them with your fast-pass badge!

  • Ever send a job to the printer and then realize that you needed to correct something on the document? No sweat! When you go to the printer and swipe your printer fast-pass badge, you can select the correct version of the document to print. No more wasted print out or copies!

  • Ever change the preferences on a single job needing color and then forget to change it before sending another job? Now a quick pop-up will make sure you intended to send that class set of 80 worksheets for Algebra in color, and will let you cancel sending the job to change it back to black and white. 

  • Do you hate scanning and sending a document in email and have it come from a generic email account? With the new system, scanned jobs will show as emailed from you! 

  • What about when you need to print something confidential and you worry that someone else may see your job or accidentally retrieve your job from job storage? Never again will you have to worry about confidential information, as your documents will only be available to you!

How soon can you get this super cool new print management on your campus? 
  • It’s technology’s Valentine’s present to you. We will flip the switch and turn on the new system for everyone on February 16th, 2015.
  • Your campus secretary has your printer fast-pass badges and will check them out to you so you can register your fast-pass badge before the switch.