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​You are not alone! Last year the CSISD systems team spent well over 100 hours cleaning up messes from phishing attacks - much of it on nights and weekends!

According to the experts, one of the things that makes it easy for phishing attackers to get to us is listing all of our systems we log into on a publicly accessible web page (like we have had on go.csisd.org).  So...in order to help us protect ourselves from phishing attacks, we are moving the links to the CSISD services to a "Staff Portal." (Bye bye go page tabs!)  

This portal will give you a alphabetized visual menu of all of the same links that have been on go.csisd.org, but in a protected area. Hooray!

The go page will continue to be a landing page for information and announcements. To access the Staff Portal, you'll simply click on the Staff Portal icon on the go page. 

Here's what you need to know: 
  • What? District programs will no longer be linked on the go page but accessible from the Staff Portal that you must log in to. (IE: No more tabs on the go.csisd.org page.)
  • When? The portal is going to be open this week, (but hidden from search engines) and starting Monday it will require you login with your CSISD username and password. 
  • Why?  To help protect us from phishing attacks.

We know change is hard but know we all want to keep us safe from those irritating phishing attacks and this is the best way to do so! 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!